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rencontre du troisieme type histoire vrai Barysh In the process of creating this design portfolio, I decided to make a logo for my domain name. I am well versed in creating a simple design for purposes of creating something custom but not too detailed. Restraint is important in design. We don't always want the viewer to be overwhelmed. Simplicity has its own way of bringing a message to life. This is also a variation of the logo that I created for my freelance tech business.

In 2013, my brand Kellz Sellz Words was established using an EIN and it encompasses both software and services. KSW Domains is all web based software and KSW Media is service based. I use content management software, WordPress to create most of my websites in hopes of allowing the business owner to make minor updates as needed and it is an easy transition to transfer site update responsibility.

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KSW Domains is a grows with my digital skills. At this time, I have some changes in the progress in the staging phase for me to add to more to the website. Since this is a e-commerce website,  I need it to be functional for my customers so the updates are still in the development staging. I am definitely excited about the fresh content and functionality I plan to add.

Roots Life LLC is a community based cultural store in central Phoenix, Arizona. I have completed a number of projects, like: maintaining his store's digital presence on social media, website, event flyers and his domain name registration.

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Engineering for Kids is a national franchise with ready made curriculum for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for children aged 4 - 14. Summer of 2018, I was a lead teacher of their juniors curriculum. I needed something age appropriate and visual for the students during classroom activities. So, I created a junior engineering notebook for the students to record things they learned and be more interactive with the lecture part of the curriculum. I've included a few pages of the notebook. I used graphics from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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