portfolio intro

I appreciate your time today to view my design examples. As you probably already know, my name is Jacquelyn Kelly. My career profile is a colorful mixture of both tech and creative experiences, which has led me to gain an interesting arsenal of skills in teaching, technology and  digital designs for small businesses, child cares, food banks, summer camps & churches. Whether it was a newsletter, classwork or flyer - design work has been one of my freelance opportunities since 2012. With so many practical tools out there to create digital art, it has definitely made it easier to offer user friendly tools to make things online. Over time, I also developed the skill of translating highly technical terms and concepts into relatable terms from customer facing communications to internal stakeholder communications and everything in between. It is a useful skill to repackage information for any targeted audience.

Before today, I hadn't considered creating a digital portfolio showcasing a visual of my talents and skillset. I have definitely reached a milestone where my freelance opportunities needs an opportunity to shine along with my resume so here we are. This portfolio website is a combination of examples of the design work I have completed both as a freelancer and a paid employee (usually taking an initiative to create something outside of my job description). Thank you for the opportunity to showcase something other than my resume.


Working as a Freelancer

Serendipity = Tech + Creative + Doer

Over the past 20 years, I have used side gigs as a way to supplement my skillset and talents in an environment outside of a formal work environment. Being an innovative self starter has benefited not only the companies I have worked for but it also brings professional development opportunities for me. My design experience is a mixture of both paid and volunteer positions. My skills and talents come from formal education, to world class training with Fortune 500 companies to self guided learning opportunities. I like to call myself a lifetime learner because I am always thinking of transferable skills that I can use to make me more valuable as an employee and freelancer.